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Programme Information (Facials)

  • Professional Dual Certificate (Basic/Intermediate) Awarded upon successful completion

  • Cost: $5000.00 (Payment Plan available)

  • Entry Requirements: Open enrollment, Identification, proof of address required.

  • Duration: 8 sessions, 4 hours long, 1 day per week OR

  •                   4 sessions, 8 hours, 1 day per week

NB: The IME can alter, change or adjust the day and time of classes.

Our Waxing Course is designed for various professional who are looking to associate with salon as assistants or employees or anyone wishing to gain knowledge on how to do Facials.

Training Objectives

The facial class focuses on teaching professionals the skills on how to give a professional facial with ease. It lets students in on some handy tips and tricks that they can use in order to enhance the facial they are providing. They also learn the various skin types and the products that work best with those skin types. If you've been considering taking up a serious course in facials and you've got no prior experience, then this facial course is an ideal choice.


Professional Image

Professionalism in the Aesthetic Environment

Career Opportunities in Aesthetics


Treatment of Room Supplies

Use of Equipment and Tools

Anatomy of the Skin

Layers of Skins

Accessory Organ of the Skin

Tissues (Histology)

Cells (Cytology)

Facial Muscles and Nerves

Lymphatic Scale

Benefits of Facial Massages

Types of Facial Massages

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