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Medical Team

About Us

The Institute of Medical Education, The IME, is a post-secondary/tertiary institution located in San Fernando, and registered by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago, the ACTT. The IME caters mainly to the greater expectancies and demands for professional ancillary health care practitioners within the health and medical sectors.
Government and private enterprises have allocated large amounts of resources into these sectors, thus creating an extremely attractive industry. The IME intends to capitalise on the opportunities created by these developments, and to assist in the correction of the flawed healthcare systems, by offering our core services of tuition, training and certification of existing and aspiring ancillary health care personnel, locally and regionally.
The Board of Directors has mandated compliance with the requests and conscious criticisms of the ACTT, whose hallmark is their rigorous and comprehensive quality assurance systems. We believe that allegiance to this model, would be to our best benefit, and our learning outcomes would reflect the uppermost standards of excellence in post-secondary/tertiary education.
Our tuition and training is being, and will continue to be, delivered by professional lecturers who have had several years of experience in the health/medical sector. Our programmes are expertly developed and designed, and are approved by the ACTT and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education, the STTE.
Our programmes, policies and procedures, quality management system, students and instructors, will be reviewed internally and externally, in order to uphold local and international quality and standards


 To focus on the advancement of students, with skills in allied health courses, while providing motivation and an educational future for each student, regardless of the academic challenges that each might encounter. We are here to provide the necessary learning environment and mentorship, so that each student will become an enthusiastic life-long learner, equipped to succeed 


 To provide sophisticated training in the allied health-career fields, not only to Trinidad and Tobago, but also to the other member nations of CARICOM and beyond. To work closely with the private sector and also with governmental authorities, to provide educational opportunities and skill-sets which redound to the benefit of all the peoples of our region 

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