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Programme Information Surgical Operating Room Technician (SORT 501-509)

 This programme is designed to prepare the student with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to gain employment as a surgical operating room technician. Their duties and responsibilities span from preparing operating rooms for surgery, to responsibility for having surgical instruments, supplies, and other equipment ready for the operation. They assist doctors by ensuring that all equipment is functioning properly, and prepare the patient for the operation by disinfecting the part of the body which is due to be incised. They also assist in handing surgeons needed instruments during surgery, and for equipment and supplies inventory, before and after the operation.  They deliver specimens to hospital laboratories for analysis, and also move patients to and from the operating room and the recovery room.  

Training Objectives

 The programme runs for a 15 month period, and consists of 9 modules, with a total of 1020 contact hours, which would generate 68 credits.

  • Students will be trained via lectures, demonstrations, practical/lab sessions, monitoring, mentoring and an externship, and will be assessed throughout the programme based on the five criteria set out in the student evaluation document.

  • Students will study all aspects of surgery, including law and ethics surrounding surgery, surgical environment, pharmacology, microbiology, sterilization, aseptic techniques, OSHA, transporting and positioning surgical patients, wound closure, anaesthesia, instrument exchange and count, surgical instruments, surgical emergencies, communication skills, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and surgical procedures for the various medical specialties. 


 SORT 501 Orientation to Surgical Technology

 SORT 502 Surgical Pharmacology

 SORT 503 Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology

 SORT 504 Fundamentals of Surgical Technology

 SORT 505 Principles of Surgical Technology

 SORT 506 Communication and Behavioral Sciences

 SORT 507 Operating Room Skills

 SORT 508 Surgical Procedures

 SORT 509 Externship

Entry Requirements

Academic Requirements:

  • A minimum of five CXC passes, (General Proficiency) Grades I and II (Grade III accepted from June 1998 onwards)

  • OR Five GCE O' Level passes, Grades A, B and C (or equivalent) including English Language and Mathematics.

  • OR Mature Entry - Subject to an interview

Application Requirements:

  • Completed Application Form and Application Fee

  • The original and copy of CXC certificate/s and other academic achievements/training courses

  • One Passport-sized photograph

  • The original and copy of one (1) of the following: National ID, Birth Certificate or Passport.

  • The original and copy of your Marriage Certificate/affidavit. (If relevant)

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