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Apply for GATE Funding

All citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, who are accepted into an approved tertiary level programme can apply for GATE Funding. Persons must follow the steps listed below:


You can also watch this helpful YouTube video, on applying for GATE Funding:


Step 1: Register for a GATE eService ID at a GATE Registration Centre.

Follow the instruction via the link to attain your EGATE ID: ttconnect Requirements for Completion GATE EService ID Registration Listing 

Please note: Registration for GATE e-Service ID is not your application for GATE funding


Step 2: Complete and submit the online GATE Application form.  

You must complete the online GATE Application form and upload the necessary

documents. As such, you must have softcopies of the following


• Acceptance letter (new students only)

• Electronic Birth Certificate (affidavit, if necessary) and one other valid form of identification (e.g. National ID or Passport)

• Marriage/Divorce Certificate (Where applicable)

• Latest Results Slip (Continuing students)

• Deed Poll (where applicable)


Step 3: Submit a copy of form and signed GATE agreement

Upon completion of Step 2 you are required to submit a print of the student copy of the GATE Application form to your site. A representative from the administration office will be in contact with you when approval is given by GATE for the student to sign the agreement to submit to the GATE office. 


Step 4: View, Amend or Re-submit application when necessary.

Upon submission of your online GATE Application form, the Funding and Grant

Administration Division of the Ministry of Education will communicate further with you via email notifications if any changes are to be made to your application that is, if your application was approved or if you were denied access to funding.


Do check to ensure your application is approved or in process. If your application for GATE is not approved within 15 days, please speak with your Finance Advisor.


For any enquiries, please call 800-GATE or email to


·       Institution Name: The Institute of Medical Education

·       Programme Level: Diploma

·       Enrollment Type: Full Time

·       Enrollment Year: Annual

·       Period: January: Dialysis Technician Programme: January 2022 to December 2022    

                                 Massage Therapy Programme: January 2022 to September 2022

·       Academic Year: 21/22

·       Semester 1

·       Level 1

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