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Programme Information (Massage Therapy MT 101-120)

 The Massage Therapy Programme is tailored to meet the high demand for massage professionals, and carries a well-rounded curriculum which provides a solid base of knowledge, through a blend of classroom lectures, instruction, demonstrations, lab sessions, hands-on experience and technical knowledge. The core curriculum is structured to include a lecture component and a clinical component, which combines a study of Swedish massage with other manual and energetic therapies, in the area of soft tissue dysfunction. The student will also achieve competency and skill in massage techniques, documentation and business areas. This broad introduction to the art and science of massage enables students to learn how massage techniques can be used in relation to the specific conditions of the body. The programme also provides the basic knowledge, tools, ethics, and behaviours that will enable students to successfully practice high quality skills in a variety of health care settings, as well as supplying them with a sound competitive advantage in this ever-changing field. Because of the demand for these treatments, there are diverse opportunities for employment in numerous medical facilities, health clubs, massage clinics, day spas, wellness centres, chiropractor's and pain clinics, sports teams, rehabilitation centres, athletic clubs, cruise ships, corporate wellness programmes and other venues providing the healthful benefits of skilled bodywork. 


The massage therapy programme runs for a 9 month period (6 months theory, 3 months practical) and consists of 20 modules, with a total of 720 contact hours, which would generate 40 credits.

Training Objectives

It provides students with the requisite knowledge and skills involved in:

  • Treating painful ailments, tired and overworked muscles, reducing stress, rehabilitating accident and sports injuries, and promoting general health.

  • Anatomy and physiology, pathology, clinical practice, hygiene, massage fundamentals, business and success skills, as well as health and wellness.

  • The massage therapy classes provide students with a balance of in-depth educational skills, academic knowledge, technical expertise, clinical skills and manual dexterity.

  • This exposure will increase the theoretical knowledge behind massage as well as the specialized career training needed to perform it.

Although the theoretical elements of massage are very necessary to the students, the practical component is of maximum importance, and comprises a minimum of 75% of the programme, in a mix of classroom demonstrations, in house lab sessions, field visits, and a period of externship, where participants will receive training in therapeutic massage principles, hydrotherapy and allied therapeutic modalities, including massage techniques, the external application of water, heat, cold, topical preparations, and mechanical devices. 


MT101  Law & Ethics

MT102  Business Success

MT103  Essentials of Documentation

MT104  Medical Terminology

MT105  Anatomy and Physiology 1

MT106  Anatomy and Physiology 11

MT107  Orthopedic Assessment

MT108  On Site Chair Massage

MT109  Introduction to Herbs and Nutrition

MT110  Pathology, HIV/AIDS Awareness

MT111  CPR, First Aid and Stress Management

MT112  Anatomy and Physiology 111

MT113  Anatomy and Physiology 1V

MT114  Movement Anatomy

MT115  Hydrotherapy

MT116  Adjunctive Theories Overview

MT117  Swedish Massage

MT118  Neuromuscular Therapy

MT119  Introduction to Clinical Practicum

MT120  Clinical Practicum

Gate Funding

NB: GATE funding will now be assessed as per individual, based on their household income, that is: If your household income is: 


$10,000 and under per month = Full Tuition Funding.


$10,000 but less than $30,000 per month = 75% tuition funding.


$30,000 and over per month = 50% tuition funding.

Entry Requirements

Academic Requirements:

  • A minimum of five CXC passes, (General Proficiency) Grades I and II (Grade III accepted from June 1998 onwards)

  • OR Five GCE O' Level passes, Grades A, B and C (or equivalent) including English Language and Mathematics.

  • OR Mature Entry - Subject to an interview

Application Requirements:

  • Completed Application Form and Application Fee

  • The original and copy of CXC certificate/s and other academic achievements/training courses

  • Four (4) Passport-sized photographs

  • The original and copy of two (2) of the following: National ID, Birth Certificate or Passport.

  • The original and copy of your Marriage Certificate/affidavit. (If relevant)

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