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Programme Information (Waxing)

  • Professional Certificate Awarded upon successful completion

  • Free waxing kit included

  • Cost: $2000.00 (Payment Plan available)

  • Entry Requirements: Open enrollment, Identification, proof of address required.

  • Duration: 6 sessions, 4 hours long, 1 day per week OR

  •                   3 sessions, 8 hours, 1 day per week

NB: The IME can alter, change or adjust the day and time of classes.

Our Waxing Course is designed for those persons looking to learn how to safely and successfully carry out a range of waxing treatments. You will be taught to carry out a variety of the most popular waxing treatments, as well as learning the theoretical knowledge and safety procedures involved in practicing these treatments to an industry-standard.

Training Objectives

You will learn to remove hair from the most common and delicate areas, including upper lip, chin, legs, basic bikini line and underarms, using a variety of methods. Wax depilation provides a quick and efficient way of clearing small and large areas of unwanted hair, whilst the use of hot/warm wax, the traditional procedure of hair removal, is similarly as efficient and relatively pain-free for your clients in comparison to other methods.


Benefits of Waxing

Anatomy of the hair

Contraindication of Waxing


Product Knowledge


Room Setup




Client Consultation

Pre & Post Care

Application of Wax

Facial Course

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