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Programme Information Patient Care Technician (PCT 301-311)

With the overall ageing of the population, and the continuous problems of short staffing in the health care industry, there is a growing need for qualified patient care personnel across the nation to assist the infirm and elderly with custodial care and rehabilitation services. Patient Care Technicians are usually trained on the job, which allows for numerous inconsistencies and improper health care practices. Properly trained and certified technicians will greatly assist the ailing industry with adequate, competent nursing assisting staff. PCT's are multi-skilled individuals who provide basic patient care services under the supervision of qualified physicians, nurses and other medical professionals. PCT's are typically employed in hospitals, nursing homes, physician's offices, clinics, assisted living facilities and in-home health care settings to provide basic nursing care services to infants, children and adults. Self-employment prospects are high in this vocation, especially for home health care aides, for the elderly, convalescent and disabled persons needing personalized attention at their residences. 

Training Objectives

  • The Patient Care Technician programme runs for a 9 month period, and consists of 11 modules, with a total of 760 contact hours, which would generate 64 credits.

  • Students will be trained to perform clinical tasks such as: phlebotomy, electrocardiograms (ECG's), completing catheterizations, recording vital signs, and patient treatments.

  • Students will receive instruction in anatomy and physiology, understanding body functions, and related illnesses.

  • They will also have a thorough understanding of medical terminology to aid in the collection and documentation of patient data. Emphasis is placed on the technical skills necessary to perform personal care to complex patients, implementation of selected portions of care plans, including respiratory services, rehabilitation services, under the supervision of registered nurses and qualified physicians.

  • Technicians are trained to escort patients to and from examination or operating rooms, and to observe vital signs and the patient's mental, physical and emotional conditions, and report any changes to the nursing and medical staff. 


PCT 301  Introduction to Patient Care & its Psychological Aspects

PCT 302  Anatomy & Physiology / Medical Terminology

PCT 303  Medical Law and Ethics

PCT 304  Ambulatory Asepsis and Infection Control

PCT 305  CPR & First Aid

PCT 306  Basic Nursing Assisting & Geriatric Care

PCT 307 Home Health Care

PCT 308 Applied Health Applications

PCT 309 Introduction to Applied & Clinical ECG

PCT 310 Introduction to Phlebotomy Hematology & Venipuncture

PCT 311 Externship

Entry Requirements

Academic Requirements:

A minimum of five CXC passes, (General Proficiency) Grades I and II (Grade III accepted from June 1998 onwards)

OR Five GCE O' Level passes, Grades A, B and C (or equivalent) including English Language and Mathematics.

OR Mature Entry - Subject to an interview

Application Requirements:

Completed Application Form and Application Fee

The original and copy of CXC certificate/s and other academic achievements/training courses

One Passport-sized photograph

The original and copy of one (1) of the following: National ID, Birth Certificate or Passport.

The original and copy of your Marriage Certificate/affidavit. (If relevant)

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